Onsite Calibration

Microplan calibrationsOnsite Calibration provides a convenient, time-efficient and cost-effective means of keeping your testing equipment calibrated to exacting industry standards. Microplan field service organization is expertly trained to perform all necessary onsite transducer and system calibrations. Onsite Calibration requires minimal assistance from your staff, so your technicians can continue to focus on their tasks while we meet your calibration needs.


  • Full measuring chain is calibrated, not just the transducers
  • Includes calibration adjustments
  • Helps reduce the downtime of your equipment and increase efficiency for your business
  • Avoids risk of damage to your equipment during transit
  • Saves on freight and shipping costs


Onsite Calibration is available in the following countries: Austria - Belgium - Czech Republic - France - Germany - Holland - Italy - Luxembourg - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain.

Turkish customer can contact our local after sales service www.pnsteknik.com


Type of transducer


Water flow-rateup to about 50l/min
Gas flow-rateup to 5 nm3/h of natural gas
Pressureup to 6 bar
Temperatureup to 150 °C
Electric absorbed powerup to 500W


  • Gas volumetric counters
  • Barometric pressure
  • Hygrometers
  • Anemometers
  • Pyranometers

Calibration reports

Microplan team will issue a calibration report for each transducer based on the followings:

Editing of new interpolations, in the software of the test bench, is included in the service.

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