Training room

| What?  

Microplan's training rooms rigs GB-TR are suitable for:

  • gas fired boilers 
  • gas fired water heaters

| How? 

Microplan's training rooms rigs GB-TR are intended to give the trainer full flexibility to perform all the operations useful to explain and display to the trainees the different functions of a boiler or water heater and their reactions to imposed conditions.

| Where?

In training rooms.

| Who?

  • Manufacturers of gas fired boilers
  • Manufactures of gas water heaters

| Why?

  • Full simulation of boiler functions 
  • Deep impact training
  • All functions available for graph representation trough projector
  • Graphics saving and comparison of different situations or models
  • Marketing strategy


  • Full flexible tests. The synoptic panel is available for the trainer to:
    • activate any component
    • log any measurement
    • graph any measure 
  • Automatic regulations. The trainer can set the parameters to perform:
    • automatic PID regulation of water flow and temperature
    • automatic increasing or decresing ramps
  • Graphic representations:
    • Pressures
    • Flows
    • Temperatures