The perfect tool for diagnosis, troubleshooting, manual use of the test bench.

The diagnostic program is a powerful software tool allowing the manul command of all the functions of Microplan's test benches.

Using the diagnostic program:

  • Checking DI signals (Digital Inputs)
  • Checking DO signals (Digital Outputs)
  • Checking AI signals (Analog Inputs)
  • Checking AO signals (Analog Outputs)
  • Reading measurements in physics values (bar, l/m, ecc.)
  • Reading measurements in electric values (mA, Volt)
  • Checking the eletric safety tests unit
  • Testing the communication with the PCB
  • Testing the PWM signal
  • Operating the test rig in manual mode

Faults finding and fixing (troubleshooting):

When a fault happens on the test rig, the diagnostic program is the perfect troubleshooting tool. Through a sequence of manual operations you will able to locate the fault or to exclude good parts from investigation.