Vibro-acoustic analysis

MulCan_MAA is a measurement kit for noise and vibration analysis complementary to most of our test benches.


  • Acquisition electronic boards from National Instruments
  • Software developed with Labview ® by National Instruments 

Software main functions:

  • Automatic control of the calibration of the transducers; 
  • Generation of test signals (white noise, pink noise);
  • Acquisition of sound pressure, acceleration and voltage signals. 

Elaborations available:

  • Sound level measurements: (Leq, Running Leq, Min, Max, etc.);
  • Band analysis: (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 octave bands);
  • Fast Fourier Transform FFT analysis 
  • Sonogram
  • Automated procedure for measuring sound power according to ISO 3746

Data saving: 

  • .wav file of the time history.
  • global and/or instantaneous data in .xls, .dat, .txt format.


In collaboration with: University of Ferrara, Italy