About us


Founded in 1986, Microplan is committed to helping HVAC appliances’ manufacturing companies run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Our team is dedicated to design and manufacture the best products available – accurate, efficient, reliable, easy to learn and use - with superior support, and at an affordable price.


Established in Verona Italy in 1986, Microplan initially focused on manufacturing customized automatic test systems for wall boiler manufacturers. In their first few years of activity, the typical Microplan customer was a manufacturer attempting to automate their test lines. Based upon their unique approach and early successes, the boiler industry quickly took note of Microplan resulting in the growth of their business. This prompted the Italian company to invest substantially in Research and Development which resulted in the first introduction of technical improvements in industry history. Shortly thereafter, Microplan faced a new challenge of acquiring clients that had already completed test line automation. As customers became aware of the amount of research and high degree of specialization that went into designing a solution on their behalf, Microplan succeeded not only in retaining existing accounts, but in adding new clients resulting in increased market share. By engaging Microplan, customers actually improved their automated processes and in some cases, were able to develop and introduce more advanced technologies.

In order to enhance its product and service offering, Microplan went on to add:

  • precision systems for boiler development
  • quality control and stress testing services
  • safer and faster end of assembly line testing

Their achievements and position were recognized in 1996 when the Italian Institute of National Quality Certification (IMQ) purchased Microplan’s wall boiler homologation test system which strengthened their reputation as an industry leader. Building upon its previous successes, Microplan rushed ahead to expand its product range by entering into new areas: 

  • manufacturing test systems for R&D laboratories
  • water heater production lines
  • burners
  • hydraulic pumps
  • air conditioners
  • safety and zone valves
  • gas valve adjustments

Microplan also developed new technologies for leakage detection and introduced brand new instrumentation for air and vacuum combustion gas detection sensors and spectrometers for tracing gas.

Microplan's technical expertise and customized approach to servicing each and every customer‘s individual needs ensures optimized solutions for automated control of processes whenever and wherever fluids are being tested.


A guarantee for Microplan's quality are dedicated engineering skills, accurate choice of spare parts and, above all, total attention to the customer and his requirements, from case study, project analysis, quotation, production, installation and operation. A team of skilled professional individuals are constantly working to assure your complete satisfactions. The manufacturing and sale to world class companies of more than 700 test benches are tangible evidence of our reliability: because our quality is your quality.

Quality policy

Microplan's staff has been for a long time pursuing a policy of quality management, focussed on the customer and traceable to the following steps:

  • elaborate study of customer's needs and requirements;
  • involvement, training and motivating microplan's staff to reduce non-conformity, to update  expertise, improve performance and complete satisfaction;
  • investment in research and development  of new products and technologies to meet customers' needs in time:
  • programming, monitoring and full control of processes;
  • collecting information from customers to check the satisfaction level reached for offered products and services;
  • set up and strengthening business partnership with suppliers, vendors and others in order to save product conformity to accepted standards.

ISO 9001 certification

To assure the pursuit and constant realization of its quality policy, Microplan s.r.l. relies on a system of quality managment registered according to the standard ISO 9001.

Our promise

Dear Customer,
we are engaged to provide you accurate, reliable, efficient, easy to use products at an honest price.

Our promise to you is the following:


  • we will select, test and use very accurate instrumentation;
  • we will check the measurement uncertainty of the electronic interfaces;
  • we will pretend trustworthy calibration reports from our suppliers;
  • we will check the whole chain of measurement to make sure a high level of measurement accuracy is guaranteed;
  • we will make calibration checks whenever a measure is uncertain.


  • we will design and manufacture robust products;
  • we will use components selected through years of experience;
  • we will use items with low impact on maintenance operations and costs; 


  • we will continuously research & develop new solutions and items to allow time-saving to you;
  • we will implement software improvements to shorten the test time or to add more tests in the same time;
  • we will study and implement energy-efficient solutions;
  • we will listen to your needs and proposals and convert them in efficient items; 

easy to use:

  • we will design and develop user-friendly interfaces;
  • we will configure accessible and ergonomic operator units;
  • we will provide commands, instructions and schematics easy to understand;
  • we will ensure easy access to parameters and results.

valued for money:

  • we will ensure you an honest price with high standards of quality;
  • we will improve our operational efficiency to guarantee a fair price to you;
  • we will negotiate better purchasing conditions with our suppliers and we will share the benefits with you.

We will do it for you, dear Customer!


Today, Microplan represents a company on the cutting edge, that thanks to a team of skilled and dynamic technicians is able to offer innovative, reliable and hi-tech solutions in HVAC test field.

Microplan's product is the result of first class professional skills in electric, electronics and software, mechanics and hydraulics.

At present, Microplan covers nearly the total italian market for automation test rigs for HVAC appliances; it is also present abroad, particularly in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Poland, while recently some fitting up have been carried out in countries, such as France, Iran, Hungary, China, Korea, USA, Canada and Argentina.

Microplan's solutions:

  • benches for boilers for production, labs (performance and test on DHW), quality control, life test, training and demo halls, phonometric tests
  • boilers test benches for production and quality control
  • gas boilers' burners test benches for manufacturers' labs
  • hydraulic groups test benches, for lab and production test
  • gas valves regulation benches, for traditional boilers, pre-mixed and condensation boilers
  • benches for thermostatic valves life test
  • quality control benches for gas valves for cooking
  • safety valves benches
  • zone valves benches
  • benches for gas, oil-fired, fuel oil jet burners
  • hydraulic pumps test benches, for lab and production
  • test rigs for air conditioners
  • test rigs for hot air generators
  • seal test rigs with air, vacuum, helium, hydrogen
  • gas leakages detection equipment