Calibration of Microplan test benches


TitleCalibration of Microplan test rigs 
AddresseesOperators of the quality assurance department, operators of the laboratory, operators of the maintenance service

Provide comprehensive information for a self-sufficient execution of the correct operations for the calibration of Microplan test rigs

RequirementsBasic knowledge of Microplan test rigs, basic knowledge of the transducers
  • Metrology concepts
  • Kind of transducers 
  • The process of signal acquisition
  • Reading hydraulic and pneumatic drawings
  • Which transducers need calibration 
  • Frequency of the calibration
  • Calibration of temperature transducers
  • Calibration of pressure transducers
  • Calibration of water flow transducers
  • Calibration of gas flow transducers
  • Calibration of electric power transducers
  • Using the diagnostic program
  • Using the calibration point editor
Duration8 hours
VenueMicroplan, Via Andrea Doria 2, 37066 Sommacampagna (VR), Italy
Cost560 euro