Distribution modules Life Tests

| What?

The test rig for life tests of distribution modules are suitable for:

  • heating distribution modules
  • heating + sanitary distribution modules


The test rigs for life tests are intended to perform tests based on thermal and mechanic stress of distribution modules.

| Where?

In the life tests room or in the R&D lab.

| Who?

  • Manufacturers of gas boilers
  • Manufacturers of heat pumps 
  • Manufacturers of hydraulic assemblies
  • Manufacturers of distribution modules


  • Final test time improvement
  • Endurance evaluation of the distribution modules and related components
  • Mechanic and thermal resistance evaluation
  • Quality improvement
  • Final product reliability improvement 
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Market credibility improvement

| Which?

These test rigs are suitable for the distribution modules of the different manufacturers available on the market.

| Tests

Software allows the operator to set on/off status of valves and thermostats so that the test bench will execute activation and deactivation cycles of the different zones (high and low temperature) and sanitary tappings. Flows and temperatures will be automatically logged.

| Number of devices under test

  • Up to 4 devices under test at the same time.