Gas boilers Life Tests

| What?

Life tests rooms GB-LT are suitable for:

  • Gas boilers

| How?

Life tests rooms GB-LT are intended to perform endurance tests on gas boilers.

| Where?

In life tests rooms or in the R&D laboratory.

| Who?

  • Manufacturers of gas boilers
  • Manufacturers of components of boilers

| Why?

  • Final test time improvement 
  • Evaluation of the life, endurance and quality of the boilers and its components 
  • Evaluation of reliability and use resistance
  • Reliability improvement 
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations 
  • Market credibility improvement

| Which?

GB-LT are suitable for gas boilers and for the related components of the different manufacturers available on the market.

| Tests

  • ON/OFF cycles of "CH"function trough ambient thermostat command 
  • ON/OFF cycles of the "DHW" function through sanitary water tappings
  • ON/OFF cycles of the boiler through electric supply ON/OFF
  • Acquisition and monitoring of the following measures: 
    • CH water flow and return temperature 
    • DHW water flow and return termperature
    • DHW water flow rate
    • Gas inlet flow rate
    • Gas inlet pressure 
    • Other upon request

| Number of devices under test

  • Availability to set up and manage life test rooms of any size and with any numbers of boilers under test.