Gas water heaters End-of-Line

| What?

Microplan's end of line test rigs GWH-EOL are suitable for gas fired water heaters with the following supply:

  • electricity
  • battery

| How?

Microplan's end of line test rigs GWH-EOL are intended to perform a full functional test of gas fired water heaters.  

| Where?

At the end of the production line before packing.

| Who?

Manufacturers of gas fired water heaters.

| Why?

  • Test time reduction
  • Elimination of false failure
  • User friendly interface
  • Quality improvement
  • Full traceability of test data
  • Human operations driven and controlled by the test rig
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Market credibility
  • Multilanguage software

| Tests

  • Operator identification through scanner or badge
  • Water heater identification trough barcode reading and test sequence automatic loading and running
  • Water heater automatic filling and emptying
  • Electric safety tests
  • Water leakage test
  • Gas leakage at zero flow
  • Slow ignition check
  • Minimum water flow rate to switch on
  • Gas leakage test with burner on
  • Gas valve adjusting
  • Gas consumption check
  • Charge losses
  • Flame control check
  • Fume safety check
  • Fan speed measurement
  • Modulator current measurement
  • Battery supply check
  • Direct communication with water heater's PCB
  • Test status interface with production line
  • Test data saving

| Software