Hydraulic assemblies End-of-Line

| What?

Microplan's hydraulic assemblies test rigs are suitable for:

  • plastic hydraulic assemblies
  • copper hydraulic assemblies

| How?

Microplan's hydraulic assemblies test rigs are intended to perform a full functional test.

| Where?

In the production line before the final assembly.

| Who?

  • Manufacturers of gas fired boilers
  • Manufacturers of heat pumps
  • Manufacturers of hydraulic assemblies

| Why?

  • Reduction of final test time
  • Reduced faults at final tests
  • Takt time balance (read more in our blog)
  • Quality improvement
  • Full traceability of test data
  • Human operations driven and controlled by the test rig
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Market credibility

| Which?

These test rigs are suitable for hydraulic assemblies of the different manufacturers available on the market. The main difference among the models of test rigs is the way they perfom the leakage test either with water or with air.

| Tests

  • Operator identification through scanner or badge
  • Assembly identification through barcode reading and test sequence automatic loading and running
  • Leakage test on DHW and CH circuits in parallel with two different pressures
  • Leakage test within circuits
  • DHW max flow rate check
  • CH flow test
  • By-pass flow test
  • DHW min flow rate check
  • 3-way valve test (electric or stepper motor)
  • Good and fault pieces printing

| Options:

  • Automatic couplings through pistons
  • Manual couplings with quick connectors