labSOFT - software for lab activities

labSOFT is the software developed by Microplan for the lab and R&D activities, based on Labview by National Instruments, a very powerful platform laboratory-oriented.

12 good reasons for choosing labSOFT

  1. operational testing conditions automatic reaching and keeping
  2. parameters from database
  3. automatic measurements and calculations
  4. automatic compensation of transducers errors based on calibration curves [learn more]
  5. temperature measurement redundancy
  6. calculation process fully traceable on screen 
  7. formula and partial results visibles 
  8. data logging of all the measurements acquired during the test 
  9. automatic reporting
  10. "free test" function with active synoptic (R&D mode)
  11. easy to learn
  12. easy to use

1. Synoptic feature

This features allows the operator to drive the test bench with a simple click on the mouse as every active component of the bench is available. The operator can also set the parameters for the PID control of the water flow rates. All the instant values are displayed on the screen next to the related transducer.

2. Chart feature

The operator is free to decide which of the available measurement transducers (ex. water flow rate, pressure, etc.) he wants to be displayed. Whenever he wants the operator can start logging the selected measures.

3. X-Y graph feature

This feature allows the operator to select two measures and get them displayed on a X-Y graph. This is different from the previous "2. Chart feature" where on the X axis the time is always displayed. A report, including a graph of the test executed, can be generated.

4. Automatic tests

This sections is about all those tests which refer to a specific standard such as for instance EN 483, EN 677, EN 26, EN 13203, ASHRAE 103 etc. In this case the operator just have to select the test to be permormed and then the bench will automatically reach the steady conditions and after a prompt from the operator will execute the test automatically. All the relevant measures are displayed throughout the test and the operator is free to select those he wants to be displayed. All selected measures are logged and available for statistical elaborations and a test report is finally produced.

5. Data analysis

This feature is very useful during R&D operations as the tester can promptly check the results of the ongoing tests.

6. Utilities and settings

  • Database of the different gases with related characteristic values
  • Editor of calibration points
  • Troubleshooting diagnostic panel