Ordinary maintenance of Microplan test rigs


TitleOrdinary maintenance of Microplan test rigs 

Operators of the final test, operators of the maintenance service

ObjectivesProvide comprehensive information for a self-sufficient execution of the correct operations for the ordinary maintenance of Microplan test rigs 
RequirementsBasic knowledge of Microplan test rigs, basic knowledge of transducers

Periodic operations: 

  • Reading hydraulic and pneumatic drawings
  • Components identification
  • Filters cleaning
  • Water pressure regulators cleaning
  • Gas pressure regulators checking
  • Manometers checking
  • Cleaning the filters of the fans of the electric cabinet
  • Checking the correct operation of on-off pneumatic valves and proportional valves
  • Checking and replacing fuses in the electric cabinet
  • Checking the transducers correct operations 
  • Checking emergency-reset circuit
  • Checking the safety devices
  • Checking lamps and buttons
  • Reading measurements in physics values (bar, l/m, ecc.)
  • Reading measurements in electric values (mA, Volt)

Using the diagnostic program:

  • DI signals (Digital Inputs)
  • DO signals (Digital Outputs)
  • AI signals (Analog Inputs)
  • AO signals (Analog Outputs)
  • Checking the eletric safety tests unit
  • Testing the communication with the PCB
  • Testing the PWM signal
  • Operating the test rig in manual mode

Faults finding and fixing (troubleshooting):

  • Analysis and comment of troubleshooting documents
  • Using the diagnostic program as faults finding tool
Duration4 hours
VenueMicroplan, Via Andrea Doria 2, 37066 Sommacampagna (VR), Italy

240 euro