Managing parameters on Microplan test rigs


TitleManaging parameters on Microplan test rigs 
AttendeesOperators of the quality assurance service, operators of the laboratory, operators of the maintenance service
ObjectivesProvide comprehensive information for a self-sufficient management and modification of the parameters of Microplan test rigs
RequirementsBasic informatics knowledge, advanced knowledge of Microplan test rigs

Basic operations: 

  • Individuation of the parameters 
  • Thresholds changing
  • Inserting/modifying operators
  • Modifying operators messages
  • Modifying error messages
  • Inserting documents, pictures, movies, ecc. in the help tool
  • Modifying the electric safety test parameters

Operations with the test sequences:

  • Saving the test sequences on the hard disk
  • Matching codes/sequences
  • Duplicating sequences
  • Creating back up copies of the test sequences
Duration4 hours
LocationMicroplan, Via Andrea Doria 2, 37066 Sommacampagna (VR), Italy
Cost 240 euro