R&Dflex - software for Research & Development

...the flexible software

R&Dflex is a software package developed by Microplan with Labview by National Instruments. R&Dflex has been conceived to give full flexibility in support of the research and development activities of the customers. Its main features are the followings:

| Full flexible tests

The synoptic panel is available for the operator to:

  • activate any component
  • log any measurement
  • graph any measure

| Automatic regulations

The operator can set the parameters to perform:

  • automatic PID regulations of water flow and temperature
  • automatic increasing or decreasing ramps
  • PWM control of fan

| Test sequence editor

  • the operator can perfom a series of operations and save them as a test sequence
  • every sequence created can be recalled for future use

 | Cyclic tests

  • this mode allows the phase editing (phase = group of steps); these phases can then automatically be executed one by one or in a cycle test (ex. life tests, endurance tests).