Serpico - constant pressure tank

| The problem 

If the water supply pressure in the customer's plant is not very stable, the regulation of the cooling water flow rate during efficiency tests can become very difficult, particularly in the part load tests with direct method, operating mode n. 1, where the cooling flow rate has to be very low in some cases.

| The solution

The constant pressure tank "SerPiCo" improves the testing procedure assuring a constant supply pressure for cooling water, compensating both pressure variations of the plant and differences in the flow rates demanded by the bench. Most of our customers found it very useful to keep the water inlet pressure stable not only for the secundary circuit during the efficiency tests, but also for the DHW circuit during sanitary tests. Therefore, as shown in the picture, the system includes an insulated tank to be used during tests on DHW that require inlet water at 10°C as per the standards; in this way power dispersion is avoided and humidity condensation on walls is highly reduced.

| The results 

As displayed in the graphs below, "SerPiCo" performs a better response than ordinary constant level water tanks during flow rate changes.  Moreover, it allows to reach an output supply pressure of 70% of the inlet pressure or more, so definitely higher than a constant level tank.

| Reaction to a sudden flow opening/closing:

Graph #1: Constant level tank (6m height, so only 0,6 bar pressure)

Traditional tank 


Graph #2:  "SerPiCo" Constant Pressure Tank (at 1.5 bar)

Serpico graph