Test sequences creation and modification


TitleTest sequences creation and modification 
Attendees Operators of the quality assurance service, operators of the maintenance service 
ObjectivesProvide comprehensive information for a self-sufficient creation and modification of test sequences
RequirementsBasic informatics knwoledge, advanced knowledge of Microplan test rigs

Operations with the test sequences:

  • Structure of the test sequences
  • Managing sequences with testSEQ

Editing test sequences:

  • Editing and settings
  • Editing a phase
  • Dependencies

Configuring and using basic tests (VI):

  • Parameters editing
  • VI features
  • Test failure
  • Using the simulator
User manualincluded
Duration24 hours
LocationMicroplan, Via Andrea Doria 2, 37066 Sommacampagna (VR), Italy
Cost 1940 euro