Water-gas valves End-of-Line

| What?

Microplan's water-gas valve test rigs are suitable for gas-water valves used as components of gas fired water heaters.

| How?

Microplan's water-gas valve test rigs are intended to perform a full functional test of gas-water valves.

| Where?

In the production line before the final assembly.

| Who?

  • Manufacturers of water heaters
  • Manufacturers of gas-water valves

| Why?

  • Fully automatic machine 
  • Reduction of final test time
  • Reduced faults at final tests
  • Takt time balance
  • Quality improvement
  • Full traceability of test data
  • Human operations driven and controlled by the test rig
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Market credibility

| Tests

  • Automatic positioning of the valve under test
  • Automatic closure of valve inlet, outlet and by-pass
  • Regulation:
    • PID control on imposed flow rate
    • check of the position of the needle of the valve
    • automatic repositioning of the needle if out of range through automatic screwdrivers software driven
  • Nominal water flow measurement with by-pass closed
  • Leakage test with air (low pressure)
  • Leakage test with water (high pressure)
  • Nominal water flow measurement with by-pass open
  • Valve draining (compressed air injection)
  • Statistical graphs of ongoing tests
  • Automatic marking of good and fault valves
  • Automatic displacement of the valves towards the packing belt