22 July 2020 / 1 minutes reading

Automatic measurement of stand-by losses with HPS

  • Talking about stand-by losses we know that an electric water heater, the same as a gas boiler, loses heat through the sides, bottom, and top. To help manufacturers to reduce heat losses of appliances in stand-by mode, Microplan has designed HPS.
  • HPS is a compact unit, fitted with an electric heater and a power meter, which measures the power absorbed by the appliance under test (water heater, boiler) to keep the temperature of water within a difference against ambient temperature.
  • The electric power absorbed by the heater represents the heat losses of the appliance under test, apart from the losses of the HPS itself which are known.
  • Tests are conducted automatically by HPS unit in accordance with international standards such as EN 15502-1.
  • To learn more watch the video at https://www.microplan.it/hps-standby-losses?s=

Marco Ragno Planning and Development Manager
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